Speaking about stuff

On occasion, I will speak about stuff instead of writing about it. Here is a showcase of those occasions.


Gradual Migration Strategies for Next.js

Next.js Conf 2020

Thanks to rewrites, catch-all routes, and optional catch-all routes, it's now possible to define gradual migration paths towards using Next.js. We made the switch at air.inc, and this talk outlines everything we learned along the way.


Recursion with Vue

Views On Vue — Episode 32

In this episode, the panel talks with two guests Kyle and Alex who work together in opensource. Kyle is a software engineer at AutoGravity interested in full-stack web development, graphic design, integrated systems, data visualizations, and soccer. Alex writes code and works with Parametric Studios, and he also loves puppies. Check out today’s episode where the panel and the two guests talk about the different frameworks and contributing to opensource.